A Guide to Packing for Your First Luxury Cruise

A Guide to Packing for Your First Luxury Cruise

As luxury cruises continue to grow in popularity across the globe, more people are asking for advice on what they should bring on their trip. Packing for a holiday onboard a swanky ship is quite different from packing for a regular vacation. Cruises last anywhere from 5 to 40 nights but you don’t want to get caught wearing the same clothes again and again, neither do you want to bring too much stuff. Yet you should be prepared for the different stops? So, how and what exactly should you pack then?


Travellers who are interested in a luxury world cruise should not pack a new outfit for each day. To make your wardrobe look fresh without overdoing it, you can pack your favourite tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched, and bring some accent pieces such as hats or scarves and a beautiful pair of shoes to spice up your overall look.

You should make sure you bring shoes which are comfortable and made for walking as well as smart shoes for evening wear. Chances are your boat will have a swimming pool, so don’t forget to include your swimsuit and a cover-up. A coat or jacket is a must so that no matter how cold or mild the weather is, you’re prepared. Lastly, bring about three formal outfits for the formal nights on the cruise.

Hanging toiletry bag

Luxury cruises tend to move a bit and can rock back and forth. So leaving your makeup and toiletries on the table in your room is not a great idea. Bringing a hanging toiletry bag makes packing extremely easy and keep your things organised and in place so that you always have access to what you need. When you’re ready to pack your items, all you need to do is fold it back up and go!


Some travellers may not think of bringing electronics on their luxury world cruise, but there are some items that you may need in order to continue the lifestyle you’re used to at home. Make sure your ship is equipped with electrical outlets and if so you can bring any chargers you require along with the appropriate outlet converters.

And of course, bring your camera on your cruise trip. If you’re using digital, bring an extra memory card and a charging cable. You can also bring your laptop with you so that you can upload your pictures instantly, this can help you keep in touch with your family and privately access the internet in your cabin.

With these cruise tips, we at Cruise Pro ensure that your next trip is a memorable one. Feel free to browse through our website for more packing tips and to know more about our cruise services.