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First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers for their support and patience during this difficult time.
We have taken the difficult decision to close our office premises to protect our staff and help reduce the transmission of the corona virus. This will also help relieve the pressure on the NHS and in turn hopefully allow us to return to business as usual as soon as possible.

Our staff are therefore a skeleton team at present, we are working as quickly and efficiently as possible from home. Cancellations and requests are taking considerably longer than usual, due to the difficulties in contacting suppliers, but we can assure you, we have all our passengers on our radar and will be in touch as soon as possible. If contact with us during this time is absolutely necessary, please do so via email, as our phone lines are now closed for general use. Telephone calls will be for emergencies and in resort passengers only.

We would like to point out that during the development of the virus throughout the world, the rules and regulations of each supplier, involved in our holiday packages are rapidly changing. We are looking into your bookings on a case by case basis and of course this does take time. We are working in departure date order and will proactively get in touch with you to advise of your options and the latest information we have in relation to your holiday.

We are relying on the information provided to us by our suppliers, various governing bodies and of course the FCO. Please note, we are obliged to comply with the information/ instructions they give us and follow their guidance through this uncertain situation. We have no alternative but to abide by the policies they are putting in place for cancellation or amendments to your bookings.

It is very important to us that our customers can still enjoy a holiday with us when the appropriate time comes. We are confident that the travel industry will recover from these difficult times and when travel restrictions can be safely lifted, we will be here for you to book your next adventure. Where possible, we are assisting our customers to amend their current booking to allow you to travel at a later date and are working closely with suppliers to minimise or waiver any amendment fees to your package.

Most cruise lines are providing the opportunity to change your booking without fee, if you are due to travel prior to 31st August 2020. Please note that if you wish to select a change of holiday, we also then have to contact your airline and holiday suppliers to request an amendment of date with them to adapt your holiday to your new chosen package. This may involve fees, but we would like to assure you, we are trying to encourage our suppliers to waiver any charges wherever possible.

We do however, understand that with no specified date in sight, the corona virus outbreak is causing some concern as to when travel will again be possible. Should you be worried about the possibility of a future holiday, we will of course honour any offer of the cruise line such as Future Cruise Credits etc and we will attempt to gain any refunds possible for your other holiday elements. Due to this being such an extraordinary circumstance to have been imposed on the travel industry and the world, a lot of suppliers are not providing us with cash refunds. Therefore, in the first instance we would advise you to contact your travel insurer to see if they can assist in covering any financial loss to the other elements of your holiday (excluding the cruise element).

If your insurance company have exhausted all options and cannot provide you with a supportive claim, upon evidence of this, we can then investigate an alternative financial option for you. We are working in line with ABTA regulations to provide Refund Credit Notes in lieu of any financial loss to a reservation effected by the Corona virus outbreak. These RCN’s have now been officially protected by ATOL until 31st March 2020. This may change as ABTA are currently seeking further guidance on financially protecting these further into the future. This means that if you receive a Refund Credit Note from us, your money is still financially protected in the unlikely event that we fail as a business. We are offering an expiration period of 1 year to use these Refund Credit Notes against a future holiday.

However, please note, until ATOL otherwise specify, they will only be financially protected until 31st July 2020.
Some of you may wonder why we are providing this advice and Refund Credit Notes instead of an immediate cash refund. During this unprecedented time, it is difficult for us to get in touch with every supplier we use globally. Many airlines and suppliers are not offering a cash refund and if they do, this is not something that arrives with us for many more weeks/months to come due to the extreme number of cases they themselves are dealing with. This in turn has a huge impact on our ability to provide refunds to our customers in cash, as this could be detrimental for the continued trading of The Cruise Pro Ltd. As a result of this, we have sought the advice of ABTA and with their guidance have adapted the above policies to support our valued passengers and our beloved business. We are continuing to work tirelessly with our suppliers, to be able to provide any cash refunds where possible and in due course. We request and would appreciate your support and patience while we try and follow this advice/process.
We would like to again stress that, when we reach your departure date we will proactively be in touch. This will either be via telephone or via email, to the contact details we hold on file for you.

If your departure falls outside of the current ‘Pause to Operation’ dates, the standard Terms and Conditions of your Tour Operator, The Cruise Pro Ltd will apply to your booking. The current ‘Pause to Operation’ cut-off date is 15th May 2020 and we are working on getting in touch with every passenger affected by this. The date is being monitored and is subject to possible change in the future, depending on the updated travel status at the time.

Finally, we would like to say your continued support and business is vitally important to us. We hope that this notification finds you all well and we encourage all of our passengers to socially distance where possible.

Take Care and keep safe.
From Everyone at the Cruise Pro Ltd.


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