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An Asia cruise takes in some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth and with a cruise and stay package, you’ll see everything on your bucket list and more with extended city stays before or after your sailing. Start in Japan in ultra-modern Tokyo before taking in the dramatic landscape of Shimizu and the history of Hiroshima. Next, head to China with sensational tours including the Terracotta Warriors, Panda Conservation Centre and the Great Wall before cruising around some of the best ports in Southeast Asia, citing beautiful beaches, bustling cities and paradise islands.

Find the best Asia cruise deals and get ready to dive in on Thailand’s world-class beaches like Phra Nang and see the Great Wall nestled in China’s dramatic mountainsides. Access the rich culture and natural beauty onboard our amazing cruises.

See rural rice fields covered in mist and cosmopolitan cities awash in neon lights with a cruise to Asia.

Asia has enchanted and bewildered visitors for ages. The continent’s combination of energetic cities, traditional architecture and exotic landscapes will overwhelm and delight your senses. Discover a tropical paradise in Thailand, where you can snorkel in the Phi Phi Islands or zipline through the rainforest in Chiang Mai and see the Temple of Heaven in Beijing or scale the Great Wall of China. Cruise to Asia and take in kaleidoscopic Tokyo to get swept up in the city’s fast-beating heartbeat at Shibuya Crossing. Hit the streets of Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur to sample street-food classics like nasi lemak — coconut rice spiced with sambal hot sauce and paired with fried chicken — or trek through mist-covered rice paddies in Vietnam. Discover the magic with an Asia cruise.


Asia Cruise Holidays

Asia’s sprawling metropolises are some of the world’s most futuristic urban centers and Asia’s top attractions. Gaze at a forest of skyscrapers in Hong Kong, see mind-blowing 3-D art projections in Tokyo, or stroll through innovative billion-dollar gardens in Singapore with the best Asia cruises.

Home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, Asia is a harmony of countless cultures and histories, frenetic cities, tranquil landscapes, and mesmerizing temples and shrines. A cruise to Asia is not just a journey from one exciting port to another, it’s an invitation to explore some of the world’s most remarkable destinations on one unforgettable vacation. Cruise over Tokyo’s famed Hakone National Park in a gondola, discover Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife, or cruise along Singapore’s scenic river with stops at two of the city’s oldest temples. Let the ship whisk you away to some of the world’s most intriguing destinations on an Asia cruise.

Explore Malaysia’s Taman Negara rainforest, or kayak past steep, moss-covered cliffsides in Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Hike up red-pagoda-lined Nanshan Mountain near Shenzhen, China, or scale volcanic Mount Keelung in Taiwan. Step into a vast and varied continent with virtually endless natural wonders during your next cruise to Asia.

A cruise to Asia is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Asia onboard the very Best Cruise Ships. Visit your favorite Asia cruise ports as you tour through China’s biggest cities, from Hong Kong to Shanghai and Beijing. Experience the culture of mysterious and bustling Japan: See the urban sprawl of Tokyo and the quiet temples and traditional markets of Kyoto. Or set your sights on Thailand’s beaches with stops in Phuket and Bangkok.