The Italian port town of Brindisi is a favorite Cruise Pro cruise destination. Boasts a characterful ancient center, home to a vast array of treasures.
Sites such as the 11th-century Duomo and Alfonsino Castle are architectural jewels just waiting to be discovered. The perfect starting point for visiting other destinations, namely Lecce, Ostuni, and Alberobello. Brindisi delivers culture, color, and Italian romance along its palm-fringed streets and seafront promenade.

Brindisi is a port city on the Adriatic Sea, in southern Italy’s Apulia region. The red-stone Aragonese Castle stands on a small island at the harbor’s entrance. The tall Monumento al Marinaio d’Italia, a rudder-shaped limestone memorial to sailors, has sea and city views. Across the harbor, the Swabian Castle of Brindisi dates from the 13th century. At the top of Virgil’s Staircase are the Roman Columns.