Okinawa Japan. Mention Okinawa, to a mainland Japanese and you’ll likely receive a wistful sigh in return. Perpetually warm weather, clear seas bursting with fish, fantastic food, gentle people, unspoiled beaches and jungle…the list could go on. More than one hundred subtropical islands, collectively known as the Ryūkyū Shotō, stretch over 700km of the ocean from Kyūshū southwest to Yonaguni-Jima, almost within sight of Taiwan, and provide one of Japan’s favorite getaways. Getting here may be a little costly, but Okinawa’s lush vegetation, vision-of-paradise beaches, and superb coral reefs can charm the most jaded traveler – if you’ve had your fill of shrines and temples and want to check out some of Japan’s best beaches and dive sites or simply fancy a spot of winter sun, then Okinawa is well worth a visit.

Okinawa, Japan