Self-drive versus guided or escorted holidays

When planning a trip overseas you’ll want to see as many beautiful and iconic locations as possible. This can mean quite a lot of driving if you choose the self-drive option, but that approach does give you full control over which locations you can visit. Guided or escorted holidays are more likely to have a set agenda, but you have the added bonus of getting information and recommendations along the way. Which is the better option?

Here are some questions to ask yourself – if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of them, you should think twice about taking the self-drive option:

-Are you planning to stay only inside a city?
-Are you a new driver?
-Are there weather conditions in your destination country that you’ve never driven in before, like snow?
-Are you easily distracted by beautiful sights?
-Are you travelling alone and hoping to meet people?

If your answer to any of these questions was ‘Yes’, you are better off joining a guided or escorted holiday with like-minded travellers.

Here are some pros and cons of the self-drive option:


-You choose the agenda, with the freedom to change your plans.
-You can make extra stops as needed.
-It is usually less expensive.
-More opportunities to meet locals.


-You might miss out on spots you didn’t know about.
-No guide to tell you about the locations.
-You can get lost.
-It’s less safe.
-Petrol can be expensive in some countries.

Here are the pros and cons of taking the guided or escorted tour option:


-You won’t have to miss out on the views while watching the road.
-Your guide will tell you about the locations.
-You don’t need to worry about driving in bad weather.
-You won’t get lost.
-You will meet like-minded travellers.
-You don’t have to plan.


-You don’t stay at each spot for long.
-You have to stay on schedule.
-You can’t choose the locations.
-Less opportunity to meet up with locals.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. The points in this article are just a guide to help you decide which is the better option for you. If you would like to explore your needs and would like to consider taking a cruise holiday, visit The Cruise Pro and see what’s available to you.